6/1/2019 [POPS-1] Morristown, MN
7/27/2019 [POPS-1] Morristown, MN

Start Date: 6/1/2019
End Date: 6/2/2019
Total Run Time: 32 Hours
Location: Morristown, MN
Prerequisite: None
Cost: $500

(Complete address and start times will be emailed to the student after completing the registration.)

Pistol Operations 1 [POPS-1] is our flagship class, and we believe it is the most comprehensive two day pistol class in the industry. Designed for the LEO, military, and law abiding citizen that carries a pistol on a daily basis, you won't simply learn the fundamentals of shooting a pistol, you'll learn how to fight with a pistol. This class focuses on proper fundamentals and weapons handling that are optimized for stress, along with a heavy emphasis on developing the fighting mindset, tactics, and skills to survive a lethal force confrontation. Because the pistol is so widely carried professionally and for personal protection, this class includes our core curriculum, ie lectures on survival principles, martial gun manipulation, mindset, and many other valuable topics. Our core curriculum is not covered in our other classes, but these must have principles carry over to our other classes. With that said, when considering training with Forever Armed, Pistol Operations 1 is highly recommended as the first class to take.

Note: This class does require a minimum of 2 students to be registered for the class. Upon 1 week prior to the class start date, if we don't have a minimum of 2 students registered, you will be notified that the class has been cancelled and your registration fee will be refunded, or if you choose, it can be applied toward a different class. Please plan your traveling arrangements around this policy.

Topics covered include:

Training Day 1 (8 hours):
– Firearm Safety Rules
– Survival Principles
– Shooting Fundamentals
– Combative Drawstroke/Holstering
– Loading and Unloading
– Reactive and Proactive Reloads
– The Wyatt Protocol
– Verbal Commands
- Clearing Type I, II, and III Malfunctions
– Martial Gun Manipulation
– Body Mechanics / Efficiency of motion
- Shooting from various positions
- Shooting from Strong side and support side only
- Shooting while moving
- Dry Practice

Training Day 2 (8 hours):
– Mindset
– Tactics
– Deadly Force
– The Emotional Battle
– Human Reaction Time
- Situational and Spatial Awareness
- Cover and Concealment
- Retention Positions

Gear List:
– An Open Mind
– Bring a lunch to the range both days
– One semi-automatic pistol with 5 magazines (9mm, .40, or .45)
– 1000 rounds of quality ammunition
– Gun belt
– Quality holster
– Magazine pouches to hold two spare magazines
– Ballistic eye protection
– Ear protection (electronic preferred)
– Weapon lubrication and cleaning supplies
– Pen and paper
– Drinking water
– Sunscreen and bug spray
– Raingear (we train rain or shine)
– Hat, knee pads, elbow pads (optional)

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