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Even a person that carries lethal force weapons on their person every day, but does so without the proper mindset and training, is still essentially unarmed when encountered by a violent criminal determined to do them harm. Your mind is the weapon, the gun is the tool.

Forever Armed, LLC was founded on January 1, 2015 by ex-military and certified NRA instructor Scott Ellingboe, as a tactical firearms training company. Scott has hundreds of hours of training and knowledge in the use of firearms, team tactics, and instructor training. The sole mission of Forever Armed is to transfer this knowledge to other like-minded military, LEO, and law abiding citizens.

Forever Armed focuses on teaching the mindset, tactics, and skills necessary to survive a life threatening encounter. Because Scott is constantly training, and forever a student himself, he strives to keep his curriculum recent, relevant, and realistic. Everything that is taught has been vetted and is done deliberately with purpose and reason; meaning there is no added fluff that could get you killed in a real life threatening situation. Our training is structured to inject a certain level of stress. In the words of the late Paul Gomez, "Skills that you may be required to perform under stress must be developed under stress." And our curriculum is constantly changing to adapt to the ever changing dynamics of modern tactics and operations.

We take training seriously and conduct ourselves in a professional manner, while maintaining an environment that encourages learning for all students. No one gets left behind. Each student is closely observed and monitored in detail to ensure everything being taught is engrained.

We look forward to seeing you in an upcoming class with Forever Armed.

I can already shoot a one inch group. Do I really need training?
    Marksmanship is only 10% of the fight. We can teach you the other 90%. A fighting mindset is absolutely critical in a life threatening situation. Tactics give you an advantage over time and distance. There is a difference between shooting paper on a square static range, and training your mind and body to properly manipulate a firearm under stress in a 360 degree dynamic environment. You don't know what you don't know.

What class should I take first?
    Pistol Operations 1 includes are core cirriculum which includes lectures in survival principles that are mandatory for anyone deploying a firearm in a lethal force situation. With this being our only class that includes our core cirriculum, it is recommended that this be the first class you take with us. The information contained in our core cirriculum will also apply to all our other classes.

I own several firearms. Which one should be bring to class?
    If it's a pistol, make sure it's reliable and one that you carry. Likewise, if it's a rifle, make sure it's reliable and one that you would use in a fight. We want you to train how you fight. It's also a good idea to bring more than one as a backup if possible. Guns can break when run hard in a class.

What do I need to bring to class?
    Each class description includes a gear list. Unless an item is listed an optional (you may even want to bring those items as well), everything on the gear list is required for the class.

Is there anything I should do to be prepared for a class?
    Make sure your firearms are in reiable, working condition, cleaned, and lubricated. Check all of your gear to ensure it is in functional condition. Make sure all your magazines are loaded (they should already be loaded anyways). Take all your ammo out of the little boxes it came in and either put it all into one large box or an ammo can. Be well rested and ready to learn.

What sort of physical condition do I need to be in attend a class?
    All of our classes have a moderate level of physical activity. Being in average or better shape will be beneficial, but if you're not you will you still be able to complete all our drills. If you are in some way physically challenged, please let us know prior and we will do our best to work around/through it so you can still attend the class. This goes for people of all ages as well.

What is the minimum age requirement to attend a class?
    You will need to be at least 18 years of age by the start date of the class. Anyone under 18 can attend as long as they can follow instruction, follow the firearm safety rules, and are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian that has also registered for the same class.

I only see a city and state for the class location?
    The complete address and class start time will be emailed to you upon registering for the class.

Can I fly with my gun(s) to attend training?
    Yes you can. Please consult your airlines for all the details you must follow. When checking in your luggage, be sure to verbally declare a firearm.

If I fly in to attend a class, can I ship my ammo there in advance?
    Yes. It is often not possible to travel with 1000+ rounds of ammo on a plane, so you can ship your ammo to us in advance. If you need to ship ammo to us, please email us well in advance for shipping info to ensure the ammo arrives well before the class start date.

Are photos or video taken during the class?
    Yes there may be from time to time. They are only used for promotional purposes. If you don't want to be in a photo or video it will be up to you to obscure/cover your face. It isn't practical for us to go our of our way to ensure certain students aren't within frame in photos or video.

My question wasn't answered here. Can I contact Forever Armed?
    Sure, just send us an email. Be detailed as needed to avoid a long email chain.
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