10/5/2019 [SOPS-1] Morristown, MN

Start Date: 10/5/2019
End Date: 10/6/2019
Total Run Time: 16 Hours
Location: Morristown, MN
Prerequisite: None
Cost: $300

(Complete address and start times will be emailed to the student after completing the registration.)

Shotgun Operations 1 [SOPS-1] is designed for the LEO, military, or law abiding citizen seeking the tactics and skills to effectively operate a shotgun and keep it running under stress when encountered with a lethal force threat(s). Whether you're a beginner or experienced, there are techniques, skills, and tactics to be learned in this class. With a foundation built in mindset, we cover fundamentals, recoil mitigation, port loading, one handed manipulations, shooting while moving, cover/concealment, multiple targets, team tactics, communication, and more. After completing this training, you will be more competent and effective with shotgun operations and its deployment in a fight.

Note: This class does require a minimum of 2 students to be registered for the class. Upon 1 week prior to the class start date, if we don't have a minimum of 2 students registered, you will be notified that the class has been cancelled and your registration fee will be refunded, or if you choose, it can be applied toward a different class. Please plan your traveling arrangements around this policy.

Topics covered include:

Training Day 1 (8 hours):
– Firearm Safety Rules
– Survival Principles
- Attributes of a Fighting Shotgun
– Shooting Fundamentals
- Recoil Mitigation
- Proper Use of the Safety
- Ready Positions
– Unloading and Loading
– Reactive and Proactive Reloads
- Clearing Type I, II, and III Malfunctions
- Basic Pistol and Shotgun Drills
– Verbal Commands
– The Wyatt Protocol
- Port Loading
- Transitions
- Shooting from Support Side
- Shooting from various positions
- Ground Fighting
- One Handed Gun Manipulations - Strong Side and Support Side Only
- Shooting While Moving
- Dry Practice

Training Day 2 (8 hours):
– Firearm Safety Rules
- Basic Pistol and Shotgun Drills
- Shooting from Odd Footing
- Shell Construction Lecture
- Patterning Buckshot and Slugs
- Buckshot and Slug Select
- Hostage Shot
- Skip Shooting
- Cover and Concealment
- One Handed Shootout
- Basic Treatment of Gunshot Wounds
- Team Movement with Communication

Gear List:
– An Open Mind
– Bring a lunch to the range both days
– One fighting shotgun (pump action or semi-automatic)
– 800 birdshot (7, 8, or 9 shot)
– 25 buckshot
- 20 slugs
- Single point to two point sling
– Gun belt
– One semi-automatic pistol with 3 magazines (9mm, .40, or .45)
– 200 rounds of quality pistol ammunition
– Quality belt holster or drop-leg holster
– Pouches for pistol magazines
– Ballistic eye protection
– Ear protection (electronic preferred)
– Weapon lubrication and cleaning supplies
– Pen and paper
– Drinking water
– Sunscreen and bug spray
– Raingear (we train rain or shine)
– Hat, knee pads, elbow pads (optional)
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