6/29/2019 [ROPR] Morrsitown, MN
8/10/2019 [ROPR] Morristown, MN

Start Date: 6/29/2019
End Date: 6/30/2019
Total Run Time: 32 Hours
Location: Morrsitown, MN
Prerequisite: None
Cost: $500

(Complete address and start times will be emailed to the student after completing the registration.)

Rifle Operator [ROPR] contains the curriculum from both our Rifle Operations 1 [ROPS-1] and Rifle Operations 2 [ROPS-2] classes, all for one low price. After completing this 32 hours of training, you will have the mindset, tactics, and skills of a Rifle Operator. See the description of each class on their respective pages.

Note: Selecting from one of the available [ROPR] class dates, will register you for the [ROPS-1] class on that date, along with the [ROPS-2] class in September. [ROPS-1] requires a minimum of 2 students to be registered and [ROPS-2] requires a minimum of 4 students to be registered. Upon 1 week prior to the class start date, if we don't have a minimum number of students registered for each class, you will be notified that the class has been cancelled and your registration fee will be refunded, or if you choose, it can be applied toward a different class. Please plan your traveling arrangements around this policy.

Topics covered include:
- See the topics listed for each class on their respective pages.

Gear List:
– See the gear lists for each class on their respective pages.
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