9/21/2019 [POPS-2] Morristown, MN

Start Date: 9/21/2019
End Date: 9/22/2019
Total Run Time: 16 Hours
Location: Morristown, MN
Prerequisite: Pistol Operations 1
Cost: $300

(Complete address and start times will be emailed to the student after completing the registration.)

Pistol Operations 2 [POPS-2] is a stress induced skills based course, that takes what you learned in Pistol Operations 1 to the next level. Don't think of this as an "advanced" version of [POPS-1]. [POPS-2] covers all new material to add to your pistol fighting toolbox. In this course you will learn to fight with your pistol in some of the harshest scenarios and conditions, including one handed gun manipulation, shooting, and malfunction clearing, as well as shooting, problem solving, and decision making under stress, testing the 21 foot rule, and fighting in low light conditions. There will also be a focus on skill, including fast and accurate shooting, shooting multiple targets on the move, shooting moving targets, and taking the 25 yard active shooter head shot. After completing [POPS-2], you will have the mindset, tactics, and skills to stay in the fight, regardless of the conditions.

Note: This class does require a minimum of 2 students to be registered for the class. Upon 1 week prior to the class start date, if we don't have a minimum of 2 students registered, you will be notified that the class has been cancelled and your registration fee will be refunded, or if you choose, it can be applied toward a different class. Please plan your traveling arrangements around this policy.

Topics covered include:

Training Day 1 (8 hours):
– Firearm Safety Rules
– Combative Drawstroke/Holstering
– Trigger reset during recoil
– Drawing, shooting, and reloading strong side only and support side only
– Shooting strong side only and support side only while moving
– Clearing Type I, II, and III Malfunctions strong side only and support side only
– Shooting in multiple directions strong side only and support side only
- 21 Foot Rule
– Dealing with fine motor skills under stress
– Fighting in low light conditions

Training Day 2 (8 hours):
– One handed malfunction clearing while moving
– Shooting multiple targets while moving
– Fast and accurate shooting
– Shooting under stress
– Team shooting while moving
- Shooting moving targets
- 25 yard active shooter head shot
- Shooting from retention with multiple targets

Gear List:
– An Open Mind
– Bring a lunch to the range both days
– One semi-automatic pistol with 5 magazines (9mm, .40, or .45)
– Light - either weapons mounted, handheld, or both (train with what you carry daily)
– 1000 rounds of quality ammunition
– Gun belt
– Quality holster
– Magazine pouches to hold two spare magazines
– Ballistic eye protection with clear lenses (absolutely required for low light drills, no exceptions - tinted lenses can be used during the day)
– Ear protection (electronic preferred)
– Weapon lubrication and cleaning supplies
– Pen and paper
– Drinking water
– Sunscreen and bug spray
– Raingear (we train rain or shine)
– Hat, knee pads, elbow pads (optional)
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